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Inclusive Social Skills and Activities Camp
6/20 - 8/1| 6 Camp Set (ongoing)
Thursday | 4:00 - 5:00 PM
Ages 4-10 | Low Demand
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Child One Info

Inclusive Social Skills and Activities Camp

This inclusive social skills activity camp is specifically geared to support children who are considered to be neurodivergent and have special needs and/or neurological disabilities (e.g. autistic, ADHD, Down Syndrome, PSD, anxiety, etc.).

Quick Info:

  • Little to no instruction time
  • Fidgets and accommodations provided
  • NeuroAffirming strategies, low demand & stress-free
  • Parents, caregivers, and aides are welcome
  • 4 coach to 1 participant ratio
  • Fenced / gated sports field


Registration Details:

  • 4 camp/class minimum
  • We welcome Drop-Ins (1 day)
  • You may attend any date in this class date range
  • Unused camps roll-over (ask us how)


Play Pal Description:

We allow "Play Pals" to attend for free. These are kids who are mature enough to volunteer to help the coaches at the camp - that is they are able to demonstrate and help run activities, set up/clean up, and act as a positive friend to the other neurodivergent kids. Typically this is a sibling/family member or close friend to your child. If the child does not want to volunteer under these conditions, regardless if they are neurodivergent or neurotypical, then they are a paid registrant. 

*Please register that child as a "Play Pal" in the drop down menu below and Phoenix Sports will contact you directly to give us details as to how they can assist.


Inclusive Camp Group Discounts

GROUP2 = $20 off any camp for 2 children 
GROUP3 = $35 off any camp for 3 children
GROUP4 = $55 off any camp for 4 children

Terms and Conditions

  • Codes can ONLY be applied to 4 or more classes
  • Groups are friends & family 
  • Groups should checkout on the same single order
  • Codes can be applied to all programs
  • Codes can be applied after registration if requested


How is this different?

  • Station based for a low demands/pressure environment
  • Non competitive, no incentives tied to behavior
  • Activity stations guided by coaches
  • Children are free to engage in any station (or not engage)
  • Little instruction & waiting time
  • Sensory area for needed breaks
  • NeuroAffirming language - no "sit still, eyes on me"
  • Support buddies/volunteers (Play Pals)
  • Stimming supported
  • All activities are optional 


Max participants = 16


    Camp Schedule Details:

    Girls & Boys: Ages 4-10
    Days: Thursdays


    Weekly Schedule: Classes/Days

    6/20 - Start of 6 classes set
    6/27 - 5 classes left
    7/4 - NO CLASSES (Holiday)
    7/11 - 4 classes left
    7/18 - 3 classes left
    7/25 - 2 classes left
    8/1 - Last Day of Classes Set



    1-2 New Activities Every Week

    • Obstacle courses
    • Stress-free sports
    • Fun field games
    • Sensory/clam zone
    • Heavy work zone
    • Relay Races
    • Soccer
    • Much, Much More


    Lead: Coach Donald Duck (Douglas, owner of Phoenix Sports)
    Lead: Ms Bri (parent coach/mom to ND son)
    Support: Coach Koala (Kim)
    Support: Coach Dory (Karin)


    New Song Church, Carlsbad, CA
    3780 Pio Pico Dr, Carlsbad, CA 92008 


    Times: 4:00 - 5:00 PM


    What to bring:

    • Water, small snack if needed
    • Close toed shoes & athletic clothes
    • NO personal sports balls (we have all the equipment)
    • Sunscreen
    • Any comfort items/fidgets your child may need for regulation 


    About Phoenix Sports: 

    Phoenix Sports is owned, designed and directed by a former Kelly Elementary PE instructor. Coach Doug holds a multiple subject credential and a Masters in Education with over 10 years of classroom experience.

    Coach Doug and Phoenix Sports focus is on the whole child while promoting growth in children through fun activities that coach the fundamentals, teamwork, confidence, socialization, and communication. 


    Phoenix Sports Curriculum Details:

    Phoenix Sports is designed to meet each athlete at their current skill level, build on their existing skills, and develop new skills.

    This is achieved through fun and creative drills and games that are age appropriate and promote healthy and positive growth in both sports and life skills. 

    Young athletes will learn, work, and play together as they develop their sports knowledge, skills, sportsmanship, leadership, confidence, and communication.

    The structure of class is low demands/pressure to encourage participation and positive interactions with the coaches. The coaches will follow the lead of your child and focus on relationship building. All activities are optional with minimal wait/explanation time.


    Refund & Cancelation Policy (please read carefully)


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