Phoenix Sports | Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child safe with Phoenix Sports?

Yes. Safety is our #1 priority. Our staff implements and adheres to very strict company safety policies.

For Example:

  1. All athletes are signed in and signed out by parents.
  2. All staff is CPR/First Aid certified.
  3. All staff are CDC concussion trained. 
  4. All staff is 18 years or older.
  5. All staff is subject to State and Federal background checks.
  6. Staff inspect the recreation bathroom facilities before the children enter.
Are the staff background checked?

Yes. Each and every member of Phoenix Sports is background checked via LiveScan through the FBI federal database as well as the California State database.

What is Phoenix Sports participant behavior policy?

While participant behavior is not usually an issue at Phoenix Sports programs, we have a simple protocol in place to manage behavior challenges with participants.

The first step when a participant is experiencing behavioral issues is to have a one on one discussion with the child to better understand the situation and figure out the best strategy to help the child. If the negative behavior continues, we have the child take a short timeout where they control the duration.

When the child is ready to return, they may rejoin the camp activities. If there is a second behavior incident on the same day, the child may be placed in a second timeout. If applicable, the coach may sit with the child and discuss the child’s actions, determine the cause and what a better solution could have been.

If behavior challenges continue, the parent will be contacted by the on-site director to seek additional support. In extremely rare cases, a child may be removed from camp for the day and/or removed from future programs during the week. If the parents or guardians have questions about Phoenix Sports behavior policy. Please contact Phoenix Sports directly at

How does Phoenix Sports manage bullying when it occurs at programs?

Phoenix Sports takes the emotional well-being of all participants very seriously. Bullying in any of these forms, racism, physical abuse, verbal abuse, sexual bullying, emotional intimidation or cyberbullying is NOT tolerated at Phoenix Sports programs.

In the event an incident of bullying occurs between a group of participants, the parents of the children involved will be informed immediately or at pick-up time, depending on the severity of the incident. If the behavior continues with one or more participants, coaches will consult with local Phoenix Sports management on considering expulsion from the program or next steps in line with Phoenix Sports participant behavior policy.

Phoenix Sports may direct parents and/or guardians to the CDC #StopBullying webpage for further assistance with bully management and bully prevention.

What is the player to coach ratio?

Phoenix Sports believes that a smaller group setting is the best for the young athlete to learn and grow. Therefore, we have 1 trained coach for every 10 young athletes. A single sports session will not exceed 12 young athletes.

Is there a waiver I need to sign?

Yes. By creating an account or membership with Phoenix Sports. You agreed to the organizations Terms of Service. Which includes a liability waiver, concussion safety protocol, Covid-19 policy, photo release form, terms and conditions, privacy policy, and refunds and cancellation policy. If you have any questions about these forms. You can contact the organization or visit the links located at the bottom of every page on the website.

Does my child benefit from multiple visits?

Yes. Your young athlete would benefit from multiple sports sessions. On each return trip to camp, our participants work on mastering the lessons from previous sessions. "Practice, practice, practice" is the famous saying. We ensure that each athlete learns to grow and learn new skills as well as develop new social life skills.

Is the camp for boys and girls?

Yes. We believe that girls and boys who at or near the same skill level should play together. On the "programs" section of the website. Each session will state whether the camp session is for boys/girls or only boys and only girls.

What are the skill levels for each camp?

Each camp is specially designed for athletes with beginner or beginner/intermediate skill levels. We recommend multiple beginner sessions before moving to intermediate.

For example:


At this introductory level, the athletes will be introduced to the basic fundamentals of the sport. They will learn the mechanics and skills that will help them grow in the sport. Athletes who have some prior knowledge of the sport will learn to better themselves and better the skills they already have.


At this skill level, the athletes will build upon the skills gained in previous sessions and further develop the mechanics, fundamentals, and social skills that are required to develop a mastery of the sport.

Will my child's program be cancelled or relocated?

Phoenix Sports hopes that programs do not get cancelled but occasionally, we don’t get enough participants for the camps session. We have a minimum number of participants required for each camp, which vary of the camps participants age. We hope that once you sign up, you encourage your friends and other families to participate with your young athlete. 

In the event that your Phoenix Sports session is cancelled due to low enrollment, you will be notified prior to the session's start and receive a credit towards a future Phoenix Sports program. 

Phoenix Sports programs do not change location, but if an unforeseen circumstance was to prohibit the program from taking place at the agreed upon location. We will notify you prior the programs start. If you can not make it to the new location, you will receive a credit for the day's session. 

What is the refund and cancellation policy?

*You must contact Phoenix Sports to begin a cancellation and refund process. 

Phoenix Sports has a 24 hour cancellation policy.  Phoenix Sports does not offer refunds, but we will provide a store credit in the form of a gift card. Phoenix Sports must be notified 24 hours before the time of the session to receive a full amount gift card. You must contact Phoenix Sports to start the cancellation process. A Phoenix Sports gift card will never expire. You may use it towards another sports session purchase.

What if my child misses 1 session and I purchased a multiple session program?

*You must contact Phoenix Sports to begin a cancellation and refund process. 

Phoenix Sports does not offer refunds if you miss a session. If you know 72 hours (3 days) in advance that you may miss a session and you have notified Phoenix Sports within that time frame. Phoenix Sports will contact you individually and discuss how to credit you the missed sessions fee.