Saturday | 10:00 - 10:50 AM
Ages 5-7 | See Schedule & Details Below

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Child One Info



Quick Info:

  • Coached by a.....
  • Join in at ANY time! 
  • See schedule below for   weekly schedule
  • Age exceptions can be made if requested
  • Custom orange jersey (minimum 4 classes required)

Purchased Camp Details:

  • You may purchase any amount of classes within this class date range
  • You may attend any class(es) within this class date range
  • example: buy 4 classes & attend any 4 classes within this date range
  • Missed classes roll-over, just ask how!


After School & Weekend Sports Camp Discount Codes

FITNESS2 = $20 off any camp for 2 children 
FITNESS3 = $35 off any camp for 3 children
FITNESS4 = $55 off any camp for 4 children

Terms and Conditions

  • Codes can ONLY be applied to 4 or more classes
  • Groups are friends & family (can be applied after registration)
  • Codes can be applied to same child separate sports 


    Adult Participation:

    The child's adult is not required to participate, but if your child wants you to follow, encourage, or help. You are more than welcome to.


      Camp Details:

      Girls & Boys: Ages 5-7

      Days: SATURDAY


      Times: 9:00 - 9:50 PM


      Weekly Schedule:

      3/23 - FREE TRIAL



      Activities: (every week adds a new exercise)

      • Battle Ropes
      • Resistance Rope Training
      • Weight Sleds
      • Agility Ladders
      • Hurdles and Tumbling
      • Rope Climb
      • Monkey Bars


      Lead: Coach Blue Jay


      New Song Church, Carlsbad, CA
      3780 Pio Pico Dr, Carlsbad, CA 92008


        What to bring:

        • Water, small snack if needed
        • Close toed shoes & athletic clothes
        • NO personal sports balls (we have all the equipment)
        • Sunscreen


        About Phoenix Sports & Phoenix Fit: 

        Phoenix Sports is owned, designed and directed by a the previous Kelly Elementary PE instructor. Coach Doug holds a multiple subject credential and a Masters in Education with over 10 years of classroom experience.


        Phoenix FIT Curriculum Details:

        Phoenix FIT is designed to meet each athlete at their current fitness level, build on their existing fitness knowledge, and nurture their developmental growth as a whole. 

        This is achieved through fitness drills that are led by a PROFESSIONAL to help create a safe and educational environment. Our fitness exercises and coaches focus on healthy and positive reinforcement, building confidence, boosting self-esteem, and promoting healthy muscle development and growth. 

        Young athletes will learn, work, and play together as they develop their fitness knowledge, skills, sportsmanship, leadership, confidence, and communication.


        Refund & Cancelation Policy (please read carefully)