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Saturday | 9:00 - 9:50 AM
Ages 3-10 | Age Exceptions Made
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Quick Info:

  • Led by Coach Blue Jay a Health Fitness Specialist
  • Join in at ANY time! 
  • See schedule below for weekly schedule
  • Age exceptions can be made if requested

Purchased Camp Details:

  • You may purchase any amount of classes within this class date range
  • You may attend any class(es) within this class date range
  • example: buy 2 classes & attend any 2 classes within this date range
  • Missed classes roll-over, just ask how!


    Adult Participation:

    The child's adult is not required to participate, but if your child wants you to follow, encourage, or help. You are more than welcome to.


      Carlsbad Kids Fitness Camp Details:

      Girls & Boys: Ages 3-10
      Days: SATURDAY

      Lead: Coach Blue Jay (Jay, Health Fitness Specialist)
      Support: TBD

      New Song Church, Carlsbad, CA
      3780 Pio Pico Dr, Carlsbad, CA 92008 (Google Map Link)

      Times: 9:00 - 9:50 AM

      Weekly Schedule:

      3/29 - FREE TRIAL

      Max participants = 12

      Activities: (every week adds a new exercise)

      Your child will engage and interact with the support of Coach Jay and our trained support coaches in the following activities below. These activities will encourage healthy muscle growth, healthy life style living, coordination, all while promoting confidence and encouragement throughout the camp.

      Each camp will focus on 4 to 5 of the activities listed below with 1-2 new activities rotating through every week.  

      • Health Info and Eating Habits
      • Battle Ropes
      • Resistance Rope Training
      • Weight Sleds
      • Agility Ladders
      • Hurdles and Tumbling
      • Rope Climb
      • Monkey Bars
      • Tumbling and Balance Beams
      • Parachute Resistance Running

      What to bring:

      • Water, small snack if needed
      • Close toed shoes & athletic clothes
      • Yoga mat is acceptable if you have one (not required)
      • Sunscreen

      About Phoenix Sports & Phoenix FIT: 

      Phoenix Sports is owned, designed and directed by the previous Kelly Elementary PE instructor. Coach Doug holds a multiple subject credential and a Masters in Education with over 10 years of classroom experience and 12 years as a youth sports coach.

      Phoenix FIT is owned by Coach Doug and Coach Jay. Coach Jay is a health fitness specialist with certificates in fitness education and is an adult fitness coach as well. His expertise and knowledge in the field of health and fitness exercise brings a level of safety and professionalism to our fitness curriculum.  


      Phoenix FIT Curriculum Details:

      Phoenix FIT is designed to meet each athlete at their current fitness level, build on their existing fitness knowledge, and nurture their developmental growth as a whole. 

      This is achieved through fitness activities that are led by a professional health fitness specialist. Our fitness curriculum and coaches are focused on health education as well as positive reinforcement, building confidence, boosting self-esteem, and promoting healthy muscle development and growth. 

      Young athletes will learn to work, and play together as they develop their fitness knowledge, health education, positive habits, leadership, confidence, and communication.

      Refund & Cancelation Policy (please read carefully)

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