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At Home Camp

At Home Camp Description

This program is for parents that have friends or family that are interested in forming their own group for a sports camp.  If you or someone in your group has a basketball hoop or a park that is close by. We can arrange for Phoenix Sports to come to you. 


This program offers parents an opportunity to host and control the environment which their kids will be playing in during these different and difficult times.

*Our coaching staff is Covid-19 compliant and follows state and CDC guidelines. 


Program Scheduling and Prices
8 camps, 1 hour each

2 athletes = $288   ----  ($18/hr/athletes)
3 athletes = $420   ----  ($17.50/hr/athletes)
4 athletes = $544   ----  ($17/hr/athletes)
5 athletes = $660   ----  ($16.50/hr/athletes)
6 athletes = $768   ----  ($16/hr/athletes)
7+ athletes = $15/hr/athletes


Contact Coach Doug for more information. 

Phone - (760) 587-7452


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