Kelly Kids Care Option Details

Kelly Elementary Kids Care Pick-up & Drop-Off Details:
at Laguna (Kelly) Park, Carlsbad only

What is Kelly Kids Care Sports?
Kelly Kids Care after school sports has baseball (grades K-5) and soccer (grades 2-5) all grouped together with a 20-1 coach to child ratio. Children can NOT learn adequately in this type of environment.

The Phoenix Sports Experience!
Phoenix Sports has appropriate age groups where children can learn in a smaller group setting with a 6-1 coach to child ratio, where children can get some 1-1 attention and learn from a credentialed teacher (Coach Doug) with Early Childhood Education units and a Masters in Education degree. .

What is the Phoenix Sports Kids Care Option?
(this is NOT required to participate, camps are open to all)

Your coach will check your child out with Kids Care staff and walk them over to Kelly Park to participate in their sports activity. We will then walk your child back over to Kelly Kids Care and check in with staff where you (the parent) can pick them up at a later time or you may pick them up at the park after their sport activity.