Phoenix Sports | Youth Baseball/Softball | Girls & Boys

Phoenix Baseball/Softball - Multiple Sessions

Camp Description

Camp Length: 1 hour 

Staff is Adult/Pediatric, CPR/First Aid Certified 

Description: We will work with your athlete on the fundamentals, teamwork, and communication skills necessary to improve and learn in the sport of baseball/softball . At the end of the camp, your athlete will have learned good sportsmanship, teamwork, social interaction skills, and the fundamentals to build upon. Your athlete will be able to adapt what they learn in camp into important life skills for the future. 

Skills Focus: We will help to improve and build your athletes skills with glove control, throwing, communication, foot work, through a variety of skills drills and games. We will help your athlete with large motor skills, balance, and coordination. No previous experience is necessary.  

Skill level: Introductory (Beginner)

At this introductory ability level our staff will help ensure your athlete gets the greatest opportunity to learn the fundamentals of baseball and softball. As well as set a lifelong enthusiasm for the sport. 


Each session is designed to build on the previous session. Each athlete will enhance skills learned from the previous session while learning new skills. 


  • Two small snacks and a water bottle


Camp provides baseballs, bat, tee, hand sanitizer, and disposable masks if needed. 

  • Provide your OWN glove please
  • Age appropriate athletic clothing, comfortable running shoes, and sunscreen.
  • NO open toed shoes, NO personal baseball bats
  • Optional: Cleats, helmet